WT91 football

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Platform has been starting its operation since May 2017, and its markets include the entire Asia, Southeast Asia, Europe and America.

About us

WT91 was established in May 2017
One of the companies of City Football Group. It has football-related businesses in major cities around the world, including football clubs, colleges, technical support and marketing companies. WT91 footbal aims to increase the participation of on- and off-field football, seek and train the best football match result analysis talents, and provide a wonderful and avant-garde match result quiz project-hedge funds. By implementing these projects-playing attractive football, making the simplest investment projects, attracting our passionate fan community, and adopting a unique global and local approach-we are developing a sustainable, socially responsible organization, In keeping with the meaning of “urban” football to people for more than a century.

Advantages of hedge funds

You will never regret choosing us


The hedge fund only needs to choose a score that you think will not be scored. The ratio of the balls is unreasonable and the strength gap is not big, but the opponent has severely stopped the game. The team has never exceeded 3 games at main court.


Hedge funds bet on teams that are clearly strong or weak, and whoever continues to be strong or weak will chase after. These issues are almost no need to consider, because we only need the score to be not what we bet to make a profit.

High winning rate

Hedge funds choose to bet on teams with distinct strengths and weaknesses, excellent team status, make the ball reasonable, clear track records, no other events and must be scored. Such bets generally only occur 2 or 3 times a month, regardless of whether they win or lose. Never force it.

WT91 football

Platform development began to get involved in the football industry in 2015

The franchise project of this platform is mainly football. It cooperates with well-known legal exchange companies in the United States and integrates the principles of probability, statistics, mathematics, etc., so that football competition is not only a game, but also a high-yield investment comparable to funds and stocks. behavior! The platform adopts the world’s latest popular “Reverse betting + welfare field + level differential commission” model, which operates simultaneously in dozens of countries around the world, provides bilingual versions in Chinese and English, and supports digital currency deposits and withdrawals such as Bitcoin and Ethereum that are commonly used in the world. .

Recommended events/matchs

There are recommended events on the platform page, so you don’t need to fight alone Mature and complete agency system and reasonable bonus system Years of basic membership strength, real hematopoietic function

WT91 football

World’s first innovative gameplay, reverse investment
Safe and simple investment worthy of your participation

Stable and reliable

International events, fair, just, open winning rate of up to 17/18 success rate and stable income.

Financial security

Recharge and withdrawal was fast, guarantee 15 minutes to your account, and support USDT the funds are safe and reliable, the withdrawal operation is convenient, and it is available 24 hours a day

Legal and fair

Online 24 hours a day, all year round, attentive customer service to serve you Legal APPs can be downloaded safely, both for Android and Apple users. Competitions all over the world, events are open and transparent